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May 16, 2013

The simplest observation about the Benghazi emails

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The simplest observation about the Benghazi emails is that the Obama administration spent a lot more time discussing how they were going to spin the situation than they did deciding whether or not to try to save American lives under attack by terrorists.

The evidence thus far suggests that the Obama administration decided almost immediately to stand down and not send in forces to try to support the embassy under attack. And there has to be more there, since as of yet we've not been able to get a clear answer to who, exactly, was in the situation room that night and who made the decision. One person who clearly DOES know the answer, General Carter Ham, mysteriously decided to retire just a few years before his mandatory retirement date, and 18 months into a 3 year rotation.

Another military official who would have knowledge of the episode, Admiral Charles M. Gauoette, was also removed by the Pentagon around the same time.

I think we all want to hear more from General Ham and Admiral Gauoette. I think the decision process that led to our abandoning Americans in Benghazi is more important, or at least logically precedes, the cover-up scandal.

Meanwhile, the administration spent four days and twelve drafts deciding how they were going to spin Benghazi.

Covering their own tails was clearly a greater concern that covering the lives in Benghazi for which they were responsible.

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