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February 23, 2006

U.S. puts their finger on the issue during their intervention

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When the U.S. had its chance to respond to criticisms to its proposal, they said something very important. The U.S. said that the the proposal from the Friends of Development is not THE Development Agenda, as proponents frequently refer to it, but rather is A PROPOSED development agenda. WIPO does not have a development agenda until all 182 WIPO member states reach consensus on a development agenda.

Well said.

Other points:

"We must disagre with Brazil that piracy and counterfeiting are not issues related to IP and development." The U.S. also quoted a Nigerian film producer speaking about how harmful piracy was to Nigeria's incipient film industry.

Complemented the delegation from Romania.

Also, it "confounds us that the delegate from Brazil thinks that IP enforcement is outside of WIPO's mandate."

Much other good, strong stuff in the U.S. intervention.

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