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May 1, 2006

WIPO debates Broadcast Treaty

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They've just wrapped up the first day of discussions at WIPO about the proposed treaty for the protection of broadcasters' rights.

Here is a link to the related documents on WIPO's website.

Technical name of the document being discussed and debated is "Draft Basic Proposal ror the WIPO Treaty on the Protection of Broadcasting Organizations Including a non-Mandatory Appendix on the Protection in Relation to Webcasting."

So far, things look good for the treaty discussions to move forward. Of course, a handful of Latin American countries oppose the treaty, since they increasingly oppose property rights in any form. But this time they don't have the African countries with them, and they don't have China.

In particular, the delegation of Senegal made a very strong statement in favor of the document. And China wants to be able to protect the rights of their broadcasters during their 2008 hosting of the Olympic Games.

So what you have is a handful of Latin countries who don't like the document, but otherwise pretty broad support. One bit of bad news is that Peru, which has been fairly decent on IP and has been a holdout thus far on the anti-IP fervor that has infected Brazil and Argentina, seems to be slipping into that swamp.

Along with the Cato Institute .

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