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What's All The Talk About An Article V Convention? (Audio: Interview)

On the Jim Bohannon Show, IPI resident scholar Dr. Merrill Matthews discusses and answers questions regarding the growing support for an Article V Convention of the States to provide a check on the federal government. 

AUGUST 27, 2015

Given Hillary's Numbers, "Very Good Chance" Biden Jumps In

Republicans may view Vice President Joe Biden as at least the lesser of the Democrat evils should he jump into the 2016 presidential race. But will he run?

AUGUST 24, 2015

Move Over Hillary? (Audio: Interview)

Dr. Merrill Matthews joins 660 AM-The Answer’s Mark Davis to discuss rumors of a possible Joe Biden jump into the 2016 presidential race -  and why that’s a brilliant prospect.



AUGUST 5, 2015

All Eyes on Sen. Chuck Schumer as Iran Deal Vote Closes In (Audio: Interview)

IPI's Merrill Matthews discusses with Jim Henry how as public opinion toward the Iran deal wanes and political ads ramp up, New York's Sen. Chuck Schumer could be the deciding vote. 

JULY 22, 2015

Will An Iran Deal Cause Jewish Voters To Break with Democrats? (Audio: Interview)

Merrill Matthews joins WINA's Rob Schilling to discuss the history of modern Jewish voting trends and speculates how Jewish voters may break from typical support patterns pending a nuclear deal with Iran. 

JULY 20, 2015

Could the Iran Deal Make Any Difference For Democrats In 2016? (Audio: Interview)

Could President Obama’s questionable deal with Iran—which Israel strongly opposes—erode Democrats' grip on the Jewish vote? IPI's Merrill Matthews explains with KMED's Bill Meyer. 

JULY 17, 2015

Will the Iran Deal Hurt Democrats At The Polls? (Audio: Interview)

In this interview with Lars Larson, Dr. Merrill Matthews discusses potential political fall-out for Democrats should the U.S. approve a nuclear deal with Iran. 

JUNE 26, 2015

Hope for Jeb Bush? (Audio: Interview)

He may be the best of the Bushes and even win the Republican presidential nomination, but Jeb Bush doesn’t excite the conservative base like other candidates. Plus, Matthews explains why fast-track trade authority is a good thing and will allow Congress to give an up or down vote on trade partnerships. 

MARCH 17, 2015

SoundByte: Fast Track Trade Authority - Good Policy, Bad Politics for Democrats

Every president wants fast track authority for trade agreements. Unless they’re a Democrat on the campaign trail, says Dr. Merrill Matthews. 

FEBRUARY 4, 2015

Abbott Stance on Local Control Is Correct (Audio: Interview)

Conservatives should not prioritize "local control" over rule of law, warns Tom Giovanetti on 660 AM- The Answer's The Mark Davis Show. 


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