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Budget and Deficit

May 14, 2023

Does the 14th Amendment Give the President Authority Over the Debt Ceiling? (Audio:Podcast)

As the debt ceiling drama intensifies, might President Biden assert the right to unilaterally raise the debt ceiling based on the 14th Amendment? Such a stunt is almost certainly unconstitutional, according to IPI Resident Scholar Dr. Merrill Matthews. The plain reading of Section 4 of the 14th Amendment refers to existing debt, not issuing new debt. But IPI President Tom Giovanetti wouldn’t put such a stunt beyond Biden, who has already tried to institute policies from the Executive Branch that are clearly outside the Constitution.

March 24, 2023

If the Government Cut Medicare Fraud, It Wouldn't Have to Cut Medicare (Audio: Podcast)

IPI’s Resident Scholar Dr. Merrill Matthews shares some of his observations and research about how federal entitlement programs like Medicare tolerate rates of fraud that are much higher than fraud rates in the public sector, and if Medicare had been able to prevent $100 billion in fraud PER YEAR, it might not be in the fix it’s in today. And IPI President Tom Giovanetti rants about how you can’t expect private sector level performance from government, since the incentives in government are 180 degrees opposed to the incentives in the private sector. Oh, and “pay and chase” makes an appearance, too.

March 9, 2023

Biden's Budget Blowout (Audio: Podcast)

Today the Biden administration released its budget proposal, and it’s a progressive doozy. $5.5 trillion in new tax hikes, trillions of dollars in new spending, punishment for fossil fuels and rewards for renewables, hammering the wealthy and handing out goodies for everyone else, it’s all in there. Of course most of it will never happen, because it’s a campaign document, not a serious budget proposal. With IPI Resident Scholar Dr. Merrill Matthews and IPI President Tom Giovanetti.

March 3, 2023

Money Supply and Inflation

by Merrill Matthews, Don Luskin

Inflation has everyone’s attention. In this podcast, economist and financial analyst Don Luskln explains to IPI’s Merrill Matthews why the rapid increase in the money supply caused the inflation. And the declining money supply means inflation is on its way down.

February 21, 2023

Energy Subsidies, Yours for the Taking (Audio: Interview)

IPI Resident Scholar Merrill Matthews joins WAVA’s Don Kroah t0 discuss the buckets of money the government is throwing at the green energy industry, in the form of subsidies, to stimulate consumer appeal.

February 21, 2023

Merrill Matthews on Expanding the Workforce, Social Security and Engery Subsidies (Audio: Interview)

IPI Resident Scholar Merrill Matthews joins Pratt on Texas in this Podcast Extra. The discussion includes many of the topics covered in Dr. Matthew's recent articles including: What You Need to Know About Government's Clean Energy Subsidies, A Quick and Easy Way to Grow the Workforce and The Worker-Shortage Mystery Solved--Mostly.

February 9, 2023

Should Social Security and Medicare be 'Off the Table'? (Audio: Podcast)

The most dramatic moment of Joe Biden’s 2023 State of the Union Address was when he accused Republicans of wanting to cut Social Security and Medicare, to which Republicans vociferously objected. When President Biden reacted by saying “Okay, I guess we all agree that Social Security and Medicare are off the books,” almost the entire chamber rose to its feet and cheered, but the hearts of policy experts around the country sank. That’s because, if anything, the single most important domestic policy issue should be making the necessary changes to our entitlement programs that protect current recipients while giving future recipients realistic expectations and time to prepare. Congress may be afraid to talk about entitlement reform, but IPI is not. With IPI Resident Scholar Dr. Merrill Matthews and President Tom Giovanetti.

January 12, 2023

IPI Policy Basics: Should We Limit the Debt Limit? (Audio: Podcast)

What is the debt ceiling, and why do we have it? How often does the debt ceiling come up, and isn’t it an anachronism, since Congress has already authorized that spending? Or is any leverage over spending worth preserving? IPI President Tom Giovanetti and Resident Scholar Dr. Merrill Matthews explain and discuss the debt ceiling, and remind us that the core problem is spending, not the debt limit.

January 5, 2023

Joe Biden, Welfare King

At the same time the Biden administration is bragging about its job creation numbers, President Biden has also dramatically increased the number of Americans on federal government assistance and would extend government welfare programs even more if he could. But increasing the number of Americans dependent on federal assistance is terrible fiscal, budgetary and moral policy. With IPI Resident Scholar Dr. Merrill Matthews and IPI President Tom Giovanetti.

October 14, 2022

Progressive Policies are Backfiring on Democrats at the Mid-Term Election (Audio: Podcast)

There are four major policy areas—inflation, crime, the border, and gas prices—that voters have identified as their top concerns at the midterm election, and all four of these are areas where Democrats gave free rein to the progressive left, and having sowed the wind, are poised to reap the whirlwind. With IPI President Tom Giovanetti and Resident Scholar Dr. Merrill Matthews.

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