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September 2012



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Now Is A Critical Time for America

It's now or never for AmericaIt's time to get the economy growing again at home, and to strengthen American resolve abroad.

This is exactly what Ronald Reagan did 32 years ago, when I was in college (can it have been that long ago?). We were in a similar situation
a floundering president and a complicit Congress had implemented exactly the wrong policies, and sent the country into an economic tailspin. And, at the same time, America's standing abroad was eroded by projecting weakness and by caving in to bad actors.

But since we've been here before, we know the way out. I remember the way America felt in 1979, and I watched as Ronald Reagan restored America’s standing in the world by pursuing the right policies—restoring real economic growth at home, and projecting American resolve abroad. That’s when I became a conservative, and that's what we do at the Institute for Policy Innovation (IPI)—we advocate lower taxes, fewer regulations, and a smaller, less intrusive government. And we do so by holding briefings for Members of Congress on Capitol Hill, doing TV and radio interviews, publishing research papers and op/eds, giving speeches and writing blogs and working social media—to get America back on the right track. And we're good at it
IPI is a powerhouse of good ideas, persuasively delivered and effectively communicated to the people who can make a difference.

Now is a critical time. Between now and the November election, and especially afterward, IPI will be at the forefront of generating the intellectual ammunition necessary for winning the “idea battles” of 2012 and 2013. We’ll be advocating lower taxes through tax reform, spending restraint to balance the budget without raising taxes, stopping regulators from strangling the economy, overturning Obamacare and replacing it with consumer-driven healthcare, fully exploiting our vast energy reserves, and restoring American resolve abroad.

But we need your help to make sure IPI has the resources to be active and engaged on every front. We simply can't do it without the help of like-minded people who choose to join us in this critical work. We can't do it without you.

You can help IPI continue to fight for you and for your children in Washington, in the states, and even internationally by making a tax-deductible charitable contribution today, while you're thinking about it. Contributions to IPI are fully tax-deductible, and you'll receive a receipt from IPI to document your donation.

It's easy, and every contribution helps. Some give $25 or $50, while others can give $500 or $1,000 or more. Whatever your contribution, we promise to carefully use your gift to further the cause of freedom and limited government, and to get America back on the right track. You'll become a part of what we are doing here at IPI, and we'll know we are working for you.

This link will take you to a secure Paypal site where you can make a tax-deductible contribution with a credit card or by using an existing Paypal account. You can call me at (972) 874-5121 if you'd like to discuss your contribution with me. And you can forward this email to like-minded friends whom you think might also want to get involved with IPI.

We thank you for being the kind of person who cares enough to join us at this critical time.


Tom Giovanetti
Institute for Policy Innovation (IPI)

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