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Which Carbon Hypocrite Would You Want for President?

If you want another striking example of the Democratic presidential candidates’ blatant hypocrisy, look no further than their use of private jets. 

I have no problem with presidential candidates leasing private jets to fly quickly from one campaign stop to another. The United States is a large country, and candidates are doing their best to get in front of as many voters from different regions as possible. 

The problem is that most of the Democratic candidates—those with enough funds—lease private jets to travel to their campaign events, only to rail against fossil fuels and carbon dioxide emissions. And explain how, as president, they will force YOU to cut back. 

THEY won’t be cutting back, mind you. As president the winner will get to ride around in Air Force One.   

But average Americans trying to make it from month to month will have to change their lifestyles. 

Of course, it’s not news that Democratic presidential candidates use private jets. But thanks to Brent Scher, executive editor of the Washington Free Beacon, we know how much they use them. 

Scher says the Sanders campaign spent $1.2 million on private jet travel in the last quarter. The company Sanders is leasing from claims it provides “luxury private jet charter service.” Apparently life’s good when you’re a wealthy socialist! 

Sanders is followed by Joe Biden’s campaign, which spent a little more than $1 million. Elizabeth Warren spent $720,000 and Peter Buttigieg $323,000.

Michael Bloomberg always flies in private jets to lecture the rest of us about climate change, but for his campaign he’s spent $646,000. 

The Independent, a U.K. newspaper, says the per-person carbon footprint traveling by private jets is perhaps 10 times that of commercial travel. 

So Democratic presidential candidates emit 10 times the carbon to get to campaign speeches where they scold Americans about their carbon emissions.

Scher also says the Sanders campaign claims it mitigates its carbon use by buying carbon offsets—about $32,000 so far. 

But carbon offsets don’t reduce carbon emissions; they just transfer money to companies that don’t emit much or any carbon. You might call it a “sin offering,” allowing offenders to assuage their guilt without actually changing their behavior. 

One of the great mysteries to the media, Hollywood celebrities and the leftist elites is why the country never seems to get as worked up as they are about climate change. The answer is easy: Millions of Americans are on to their hypocrisy. And none more so than when Democratic presidential candidates lease luxury private jets.