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Tom Giovanetti


Tom Giovanetti is president of the Institute for Policy Innovation (IPI), a public policy research organization based in Dallas, Texas. Mr. Giovanetti writes for IPI and for other publications on a wide variety of policy topics including taxes and economic growth, civil liberties and constitutional protections, judicial supremacy, intellectual property, Social Security personal accounts, communications and Internet policy, and out-of-control government spending.  In addition to being published in leading papers including the Wall Street Journal, Washington Times, Investor's Business Daily and The Dallas Morning News, he also appears regularly on a number of radio and television programs.

Mr. Giovanetti has represented IPI at many national and international organizations, including the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), the Internet Governance Forum (IGF) the World Health Organization (WHO) and represented IPI during trade agreement negotiations on the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP).

Mr. Giovanetti is a popular speaker and writer, and also testifies before state and federal legislative committees on a variety of topics.

Follow Tom on Twitter at @tgiovanetti

March 23, 2023

Testimony Regarding Casino Resort Gambling in Texas

Testimony in support of allowing individuals the liberty to patronize casinos in Texas while still preserving Texas values and community involvement.

March 16, 2023

We Do Not Have to Choose Between Fossil Fuels and Renewables--We Need Both

Many politicians mistakenly think that they must prove their support for fossil fuels by demeaning and defeating renewable energy sources, when the truth is that Texas needs more of everything.

March 16, 2023

Texans Should Be Able to Gamble Here, as Long as We Avoid These Problems with Casinos

Texas can live up to both its culture and its aspirations and reap the rewards of both by allowing casino gambling in a prudent way that neither allows political corruption nor violates community standards.

March 15, 2023

Federal Offshore Wind, Oil and Gas Leasing Process Needs Urgent Congressional Reform

Coalition letter to leaders on the House Energy and Commerce Committee and House Natural Resources Committee to express the need for regulatory certainty to enable the use of all of America’s offshore energy resources.

February 22, 2023

This Section 230 Stuff Is not as Complicated as You Might Think

Critics of Big Tech are misrepresenting Section 230 and purposely convoluting its meaning. It’s really not all that complicated.

February 9, 2023

Coalition Letter Opposing Woke 401(k) Rule

The Biden administration chose to undermine the Trump-Pence safeguards by issuing their own ERISA rule that would make it easier for retirement fund managers to imperil retirees’ savings. Congress can overturn the Biden administration’s dangerous ESG rule through the Congressional Review Act (CRA). 

February 2, 2023

A Better Way to Pay for Roads

It’s time to start talking about phasing out fuel taxes and phasing in usage taxes. It simply makes sense that those who put the most stress on our transportation infrastructure and who profit from the roads have a proportional share in paying for them.

February 1, 2023

Senators Bipartisan Challenge to Biden Rule Politicizing Americans' 401(k)s

This coalition letter is a bipartisan challenge to President Biden’s ESG rule which politicizes millions of Americans’ retirement investments to favor Biden’s ideological preferences rather than getting the best returns for Americans.

January 16, 2023

America Needs Tort Reform Now

When U.S. law puts American companies at a disadvantage, it is only reasonable for those companies to make the necessary adaptations to preserve shareholder value and the ability to manufacture and serve their customers.

December 29, 2022

House Democrats Should Nominate Liz Cheney as Speaker

There is no constitutional requirement the speaker be a current member.

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