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Aetna Leaving Health Insurance Exchanges Due to DOJ Lawsuit

Health Payer Intelligence

By Vera Greussner

The latest news coming from the major health payer Aetna is its move to drop out of the majority of the health insurance exchanges it had been participating in this year. According to a press release from Aetna, it will leave most of the public exchange market and downsize from serving 778 counties to only 242 counties in 2017. The only states in which Aetna will continue to provide health plans through the health insurance exchanges include Delaware, Iowa, Nebraska and Virginia.

Aetna will still be offering its private, off-exchange health coverage products in the same regions next year that it had been providing public exchange plans in 2016. Aetna will also be assisting consumers during the next open enrollment periods to transition to an appropriate health plan sold on the exchanges or through its private offerings.