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March 4, 2016

In The Tank Podcast: Civil Asset Forfeiture, Growth in Regulatory Paperwork, and Film Subsidies

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  Heartland Institute

By Donald Kendal

With John Nothdurft out of the office, host Donny Kendal is joined by Heartland Executive Editor Justin Haskins in episode #28 of the In The Tank Podcast. This weekly podcast features (as always) interviews, debates, roundtable discussions, stories, and light-hearted segments on a variety of topics on the latest news. The show is available for download as part of the Heartland Daily Podcast every Friday. Today’s podcast features work from the Institute for Policy Innovation, the American Action Forum, and Reason.

Featured Work of the Week

Featured this week is a report by the Institute for Policy Innovation titled “Civil Asset Forfeiture and the Constitution.” The report explains what civil asset forfeiture is, why its dangerous, and what specific parts of the Constitution it infringes upon.

Linked here are Heartland’s Research & Commentary reports.

In the World of Think Tankery

Today Donny and Justin talk about a report from the American Action Forum titled “The Explosive Growth in HHS Paperwork.” The report explains how the paperwork related to Health and Human Services has skyrocketed in the past two decades.

During this discussion, Justin refers to points made in his Consumer Power Report newsletter– a weekly newsletter covering the top health care stories of the week.

They also talk about a Reason article titled “No Matter Who Wins at the Oscars, Taxpayers Lose on Film Subsidies.” The article explains why states offer movie studios subsides to film in their state and why it’s not a good investment.


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