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March 22, 2016

Ted Cruz and Bernie Sanders Are Winning the Fundraising Race

IPI expert referenced: Merrill Matthews | In The News | Media Hit
  Examiner Gazette

By Brett Reyes

In the most recent oneconducted by Y2 AnalyticsCruzled Ohio Gov. John Kasich by 24 percentage points and ledTrump by more than 40.

Powell said the best way to beat Trump is to not vote for him, but next is keeping more candidates in the race to stop him.

Mitt Romney took his willingness to support Republicanpresidential candidate Ted Cruz one step further by recording robocalls for the Texas senator.

While the overall findings suggest few Republicans want to replace their party's delegate leader with someone else, those views vary widely based on whether a voter prefers Trump or not.

(CNN) - John Kasich rejected the suggestion that he is helping Donald Trump win the Republican presidential nomination by staying in the primary race, arguing that he should stay because he is the only GOP candidate who can beat Democrat Hillary Clinton in a general election.

"The notion that you go in with a plurality, therefore you deserve the nomination is just flat wrong", said Merrill Matthews, who is a resident scholar at the Institute for Policy Innovation in Dallas.

Speaking with NBC's Meet the Press, Kasich, 63, boldly said that no one will hit the required number of delegates to automatically clinch the Republican nomination. The fact is, #NeverTrump has failed to get off the ground, and the urge to unite - even behind a potential disaster like Trump - could override many delegates' disgust of the candidate. In the first, businessman Donald Trump will continue his streak and gain enough delegates to be nominated the party's candidate. Six in 10 Democrats have a favorable opinion of Clinton; just about half of Republicans have a favorable opinion of Trump. The Democratic Party created the McGovern Fraser Commission to create a new set of rules for the following 1972 Democratic convention and many of these rules were put in place by the Republican Party as well. A total of all the votes cast thus far shows that a majority of Republicans have chosen someone other than Trump, but he has managed to amass a majority of delegates.

The Republican Party's third contest on March 22 will be in American Samoa with nine delegates at stake. "I believe that. I wouldn't lead it but I think bad things would happen".

Sanders had not filed his February report by Sunday afternoon. Cruz, if he holds on and gets 50%, it would be the second time he has won an outright majority in this election cycle.

But the poll also finds Clinton and Sanders about even among women, with Clinton ahead among men.

At the other end of the wealth spectrum, the results are more dramatic.

Overall, though, Sanders prompts greater enthusiasm among the Democratic electorate than does Clinton at this point.

It is crucial to note though, that a new poll released by the Deseret News in Salt Lake City reveals that if Trump manages to nab the GOP nomination, Utah voters would vote for Clinton or Sanders. Another 13% say they support Cruz but could change their vote.


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