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July 8, 2021

Chip In: Semiconductors, the Economy and National Security (Audio: Podcast)

The pandemic-induced global shortage of semiconductors has revealed just how dependent our economy and our lives are on these silicone chips. But as IPI Research Fellow Bartlett Cleland explains, it also underscores how vulnerable our national security is to these mostly foreign-manufactured chips.

July 1, 2021

The Debt Ceiling Showdown Is Back (Audio: Podcast)

"It’s ba-aack!” After an almost two year suspension, our old friend the debt ceiling showdown is back again as a deadline facing Congress. IPI Resident Scholar Dr. Merrill Matthews guides us through the recent history of the issue and explains how the debt ceiling can be used as leverage by the part out-of-power, if they are so inclined. Will they raise the debt ceiling? Will they once again find a way to suspend the vote and cop out? Or will they eliminate Congress’ control over the debt limit all together? The inquiring mind of IPI President Tom Giovanetti wants to know.

June 17, 2021

IPI Policy Basics: The Failure of the Market Failure Excuse (Audio: Podcast)

What is “market failure?” Do markets fail, or is that just an excuse used by government bureaucrats to regulate industries, start antitrust investigations, and create new programs and entitlements? Are there ways to address gaps in markets without blowing the whole thing up? Resident Scholar Dr. Merrill Matthews guides us through the issue of supposed market failures, and IPI President Tom Giovanetti shares his thoughts.

June 16, 2021

The Threat and Consequences of Rising Inflation (Audio: Interview)

Talk show host Robert Pratt interviews IPI Resident Scholar Dr. Merrill Matthews about the threat and consequences of rising inflation. 

May 27, 2021

What 'I, Pencil' Could Teach Joe Biden about Supply Chains (Audio: Podcast)

IPI Resident Scholar Dr. Merrill Matthews explains why plans to try to determine supply chains by government from the top down are doomed to fail, because they fail to apprehend the tremendous efficiency and complexity of supply chains formed by the voluntary cooperation of free people. With IPI President Tom Giovanetti.

May 20, 2021

States Should 'Just Say No' to Federal Unemployment Largess (Audio: Podcast)

IPI Resident Scholar Dr. Merrill Matthews explains how the federal government is competitively bidding against the private sector for the time of unemployed workers through its overgenerous and unnecessary $300/wk addition to state unemployment benefits. And IPI President Tom Giovanetti agrees.

May 20, 2021

IPI Policy Basics: Inflation Is the Most Miserable Tax of All (Audio: Podcast)

With the undeniable return of inflation, at least for now, IPI President Tom Giovanetti and Resident Scholar Dr. Merrill Matthews discuss the current causes of inflation and the return of the “Misery Index.”

May 13, 2021

IPI Policy Basics: Pro-Markets, not Pro-Business (Audio: Podcast)

There’s a reason we describe ourselves as pro-markets and not as pro-business, but too many times policymakers don’t seem to know the difference and think they are supposed to be representing the interests of businesses. But if consumer welfare is the goal, policymakers should defend markets rather than businesses. IPI president Tom Giovanetti rants about his recent experience testifying before the Texas Legislature, joined by Resident Scholar Dr. Merrill Matthews.

April 29, 2021

Biden's First Speech to Congress Filled with Impossible Goals, Irresponsible Spending, and Green Delusions (Audio: Podcast)

IPI Resident Scholar Dr. Merrill Matthews analyzes some (but not all) of President Biden’s falsehoods, misrepresentations, impossible goals and irresponsible spending in his first speech to a joint session of Congress.

April 29, 2021

IPI Policy Basics: 'Right to Repair' Is a Trojan Horse and a Threat to American Innovation (Audio: Podcast)

“Right to Repair” initiatives in the states seem reasonable but are actually Trojan Horse proposals designed to undermine intellectual property protection, but were they to succeed American innovation would be undermined and consumer safety would be compromised. With the assistance of IPI Resident Scholar Dr. Merrill Matthews.

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