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JUNE 19, 2014

Lift Export Ban for a Better US Economy, Global Energy Market (Audio: Interview)

The U.S. and the world will be better off when oil and gas are driven by a free market rather than counterproductive government policies, says Merrill Matthews on WAVA-FM'S Don Kroah Show in Washington DC. 

JUNE 17, 2014

Medtronic's "Tax Inversion" Move Overseas & More (Audio: Interview)

Merrill Matthews joins Jason Lewis to discuss high taxes pushing American companies to move overseas, immigration reform and ending the export ban on US crude oil.  

JUNE 17, 2014

US Export Ban Allows Bad Actors to Use Energy As Bludgeon (Audio: Interview)

Merrill Matthews says US energy export limitations allow bad actors with large reserves to hold U.S. allies hostage over access to energy.

JUNE 16, 2014

Iraq in crisis, oil soars: Time to lift US energy exports ban (Audio: Interview)

Merrill Matthews explains why exporting US crude oil and natural gas means a stable energy supply for the global market, and in return, stable prices for US consumers. 

JUNE 13, 2014

Cantor Loss May Spell Ex-Im's Exit (Audio: Interview)

With a Cantor loss, the Export-Import Bank, an FDR-era corporate welfare program, may finally be phased out. 

JUNE 13, 2014

Ireland's Plain Packaging Law (Audio: Interview)

Tom Giovanetti joins Mark Davis on 660 AM The Answer to explain why an Irish mandate is a violation of property rights and freedom of speech for companies. 

APRIL 24, 2014

2014 World IP Day: IP Intensive Industries--the Majority of U.S. Exports

MARCH 15, 2014

Strong Protection of Intellectual Property Is Critical to Boosting U.S. Exports (Audio:Podcast)

In this discussion Merrill Matthews and Tom Giovanetti discuss the constitutional origins of intellectual property protection and why it is important for a strong economy today.

MARCH 5, 2014

Intellectual Property in the Trans-Pacific Partnership: National Interest or Corporate Handout?

Speaking at this Cato event, IPI President Tom Giovanetti defends the protection of intellectual proterty in the Trans Pacific Partnership.

APRIL 25, 2013

2013 World Intellectual Property Day Forum: Promoting Trade, Protecting IP

Laurie Self, James Pooley, Stan McCoy


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