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Tax Reform

November 12, 2019

An Easy Way to Reduce Wealth Inequality

In an interview with KMED's Bill Meyer in Medford, Ore., IPI resident scholar Merrill Matthews explains the difference between income inequality and wealth inequality and presents a solution millennials should rally around. 

July 23, 2019

SECURE Act Prevents IRAs From Being Passed On (Audio: Interview)

The SECURE Act, which has passed the House and is expected to sail through the Senate,  contains a harmful financing mechanism that will prevent IRAs from being passed on to the next generation. In an interview with KMED’s Bill Meyer in Medford, Oregon, IPI’s Tom Giovanetti says the legislation helps the government fund its debt at the expense of your children by forcing beneficiaries to empty all inherited IRAs within 10 years.




June 3, 2019

Trump's Mexican Tariffs (Audio: Interview)

Guest hosting 660 AM – The Answer’s Mark Davis Show, IPI board member Wade Emmert interviews IPI president Tom Giovanetti on President Trump’s threats to levy tariffs on Mexican imports over the state of the border.

May 30, 2019

Hits and Misses from the Texas Legislative Session (Audio: Interview)

Guest hosting Point of View, IPI’s Dr. Merrill Matthews reviews the 86th Texas Legislative Session with Former Texas state lawmakers Don Huffines and Ron Simmons, giving a close look at what happened with spending, property tax relief, school finance, and more.

May 6, 2019

Texas Tax Swap (Audio: Interview)

IPI president Tom Giovanetti joined 660 AM – The Answer’s Mark Davis discussing the Texas GOP leadership’s push for a sales tax increase to offset a property tax reduction.

April 26, 2019

Gender Pay Gap, Electoral College, 2020 Democratic Hopefuls & More (Audio: Interview)

Merrill Matthews joins Point of View host Kerby Anderson in studio for a whirwind of topics: Equal Pay Day and the so-called "gender pay gap", the Electoral College, the latest in the crowded race for the Democratic presidential nomination, and the coming entitlement's crisis. 

April 15, 2019

Looking Back on the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act on Tax Day 2019 (Audio: Interview)

Tax Day! Merrill Matthews joins Vicki McKenna on WIBA to discuss the wild success of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, despite how desperate the legislation’s opponents are to pan its effectiveness.


April 5, 2019

Two Ways to Make the Economy Grind to a Halt (Audio: Interview)

Merrill Matthews joins Vicki McKenna on WIBA to discuss two absurdities: a $40 per hour minimum wage and Sen. Ron Wyden’s proposed annual tax on unrealized capital gains.


January 28, 2019

Unlimited Freebies and Asset Seizure: Democratic Presidential Hopefuls Have No Shame (Audio: Interview)

Universal free college tuition, socialized healthcare, student loan forgiveness, universal basic income… the Democratic Party’s 2020 presidential hopefuls have an unlimited list of freebies they want to give out.  Plus, Sen. Elizabeth Warren wants to seize the assets of billionaires. IPI’s Dr. Merrill Matthews joins Vicki McKenna on WIBA and WISN and discusses how Democrats have become so radical there’s not much separating their party platform from the basic principles of democratic socialism.

December 14, 2018

Economic Trends Going Into 2019 (Audio: Interview)

In an interview with WBOB's Ed Dean, IPI's Dr. Merrill Matthews discusses the economic trends we are seeing going into the new year. 

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