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APRIL 29, 2014

Jobs, Jobs, Jobs (Audio: Interview)

Thanks to Toyota's move to Texas and the energy boom, there are jobs being created, despite President Obama's best efforts. 

APRIL 14, 2014

Why Aren't Companies Protesting U.S. Giving Up Control of the Internet? (Audio: Interview)

IPI’s Tom Giovanetti discusses with Vicki McKenna the threat of how some of the world’s most repressive political regimes are one step closer to controlling the Internet, and why many U.S. companies surprisingly sound supportive of the idea. 

FEBRUARY 13, 2014

Should a Republican President Delay Parts of the ACA As Lawlessly As Obama?

If the president can unilaterally postpone parts of the law, should also a Republican president?

FEBRUARY 7, 2014

Why is Obama Stalling on Keystone?

Moving forward on Keystone XL may seem like a no-brainer, but the president continues to stall, much to the detriment of the economy as well as moderate Democrats in energy-producing states. 

JANUARY 15, 2014

Health Insurance Companies: The New Public Utility (Audio: Interview)

Where is the line drawn between offering a “honey pot” to insurers suffering from expensive high-risk pools versus bailing out companies with bad business models using funds from successful ones? 

JANUARY 10, 2014

Lift the Crude Oil Export Ban, Jumpstart the Economy (Audio: Podcast)

Matthews and Giovanetti discuss the tremendous economic benefits to lifting the archaic ban. 

JANUARY 3, 2014

Grand Bargain or Grand Boondoggle? (Audio: Podcast)

IPI's Tom Giovanetti and Merrill Matthews discuss how raising the federal minimum wage harms the very people it's designed to help.

DECEMBER 20, 2013

Effort to Reduce Income Inequality Helped or Harmed by Big Box Stores? (Audio: Interview)

What’s the impact of wage standards and workers’ benefits to taxpayers in relation to large employers, including Wal-Mart and Costco? Merrill Matthews on the Jan Mickelson Show, heard on WHO-AM in Des Moines.

NOVEMBER 15, 2013

Has Rule of Law Been Trumped by Rule of Expediency? (Audio: Podcast)

Do government agencies or even the president have the legal authority to ignore federal law? Has rule of law been abandoned for the rule of political expediency? IPI's Giovanetti and Matthews discuss recent government regulations which have been ignored after being found to be impossible to meet, including ObamaCare's health insurance mandate as well as a similar biofuel mandate issued by the EPA.

OCTOBER 22, 2013

2013 Communications Summit: Spectrum Auctions--Progress and Pitfalls

Bret Swanson, Ari Meltzer, Charla Rath, John Hane, Tom Giovanetti

Panel participants, representing broadcasters and telepnhone companies, explain how the upcoming FCC spectrum incentive auction is expected to be the world’s most complex spectrum sale.


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