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Space Policy

March 7, 2024

AI, Gemini, Oh My! (Audio: Podcast)

IPI President Tom Giovanetti and Research Fellow Dr. Dan Garretson discuss the basics of artificial intelligence and recent developments, including the rollout of Google’s Gemini AI engine. 

February 23, 2024

The Militarization of Space with Dr. Dan Garretson (Audio: Podcast)

A mysterious warning about a possible Russian nuclear space weapon set off consternation and stern warnings last week, and inspired IPI to chat with our favorite genuine rocket scientist, Dr. Dan Garretson. We talk space debris, the inevitable use of space for military purposes, Star Wars, and related issues. With space nerds Dr. Merrill Matthews and Tom Giovanetti.

September 5, 2022

We're Really Going Back to the Moon? (Audio: Podcast)

IPI Research Fellow Dan Garretson discusses the upcoming first flight of Artemis, NASA’s platform for the future, and why Artemis is really old technology and represents the old defense contractor model of space exploration. With space nerds Dr. Merrill Matthews and Tom Giovanetti.

May 19, 2022

IPI Policy Basics: The Private Space Revolution (Audio: Podcast)

One thing the Obama administration got right was shifting NASA’s space program toward reliance on private space launch providers, which has led to an environment of much more rapid innovation, lower costs to taxpayers, and the emergence of multiple competing providers. IPI President Tom Giovanetti and Resident Scholar Dr. Merrill Matthews discuss how the private space revolution is yet another example of how the private sector does things better, faster, and cheaper.

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