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Thomas A Giovanetti

May 1, 2006

Bush administration submits annual trade report to Congress

The Bush administration has submitted it's annual report on trade to Congress. Some highlights: Brazil is singled out as having undertaken "significant" efforts to prevent piracy. China is si ...

April 14, 2006

TiVo wins damages in suit vs. Echostar

TiVo has won a patent infringement case against EchoStar, the parent company of Dish Network. The case had to do with whether EchoStar had infringed patents owned by TiVo in the manufacture of D ...

April 13, 2006

Reminder about comments policy

Well, as I'm getting flooded with comments, it's probably time for a little review of our comments policy. Several people have been sending the very same comments entry multiple times. Let me re ...

April 10, 2006

Problem of content backup

Well, the hard drive on my Dish Network PVR crashed and died last night. This might not strike anyone as a terribly big deal, and it certainly didn't seem to trouble Dish Network technical suppo ...

April 5, 2006

Does the public benefit from privately-owned goods? or The new anti-IP Bolshevism

Back in February, I gave a speech in Washington DC before the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) on intellectual property entitled "The New Anti-IP Bolsheviks." The point of the spe ...

April 5, 2006

The Big IP Skeptic Lovefest Is Coming

Later this month there's going to be a big group hug for all the folks who think that intellectual property protection is a club wielded by evil corporations and evil capitalist countries to destro ...

April 5, 2006

Apple vs. Apple

In trademark news, the Beatles' Apple Corp. is suing Apple Computer over a trademark matter. And it appears that the Beatles have the upper hand in the matter. The above link is full of cute allu ...

April 3, 2006

CIPIH Report released and available on-line

The much anticipated (and much dreaded) report from the World Health Organization (WHO) on the relationship between intellectual property, innovation, and public health has been released, and is av ...

March 31, 2006

KaZaa a source of child porn

Little known (at least within the policy world) about many of the file-sharing services is that they have been sources of, well, other things besides music. In fact, several years ago when I was ...

March 28, 2006

Will TCS Daily now begin advocating Google Print?

Interesting story today in the NY Times about Google's new lobbying efforts. Now, it is a very good move for Google to take seriously the threats that come from Washington. It is right and prude ...

March 27, 2006

Marshall (TX) Law

Big article(s) in my local Dallas Morning News Sunday about how Marshall, Texas has become a home for patent litigation. If you're looking for an article about how Marshall has become a "judicia ...

March 24, 2006

Technology is neutral (more on "parasitic" technologies)

Stan Leibowitz has replied to his critics on his "parasitic technologies" brief paper for PFF. (PDF only) Stan doesn't really concede much to his critics, although he does graciously concede a ...

March 22, 2006

Thoughts on theft of service

Some thoughts on this topic of theft of service that has been rekindled by Tim Lee's advocacy of leaving WiFi access points open . . . When you subscribe to a service, such as Internet access f ...

March 22, 2006

Tim Lee, WiFi security, DMCA, etc.

Tim Lee from the new Show-Me Institute, and a blogger at the TechLiberation Front, has just authored a new paper for Cato trashing the DMCA, but perhaps more interesting is the frankly irrespons ...

March 17, 2006

Get ready for free access to all DreamworksSKG films

Patrick Ross over at IPCentral has a delightful post about George Soros' imminent purchase of the DreamworksSKG film library. Why is this delightful? Because Soros is a principle financial suppo ...


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