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May 1, 2013

Highlights of IPI's 2013 World IP Day Celebrations

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Last Thursday IPI was honored to once again host the major World IP Day policy event in Washington, DC during the observance of World IP Day.

And then, the very next day, we returned to Dallas to co-host Dallas' first ever World IP Day event.

We think World IP Day is important not only because of the very elemental importance of the intellectual property system and respect for the rights of creators and inventors, but also because it seems that almost any time intellectual property issues make their way into the news cycle, it's over something controversial or contentious. So World IP Day is an opportunity to back up and remind ourselves of the importance and function of IP systems in national economies, particularly with regard to the United States.

In Washington, we were delighted to have a terrific program. All of the video from the DC event is now posted on our website here, so you can check it out at your convenience. You may need to find a way to watch Professor Epstein's address at 3/4 speed if you want to try to comprehend it all in real time!

Our Dallas event was held in the new offices of the Dallas Regional Chamber at 500 N. Akard. It was a great first-time collaboration between the co-sponsoring organizations, and we look forward to building the World IP Day tradition in Dallas. Dallas will be home to one of the new USPTO regional offices, which at the very least is recognition of the amount of innovation that is happening in the Texas region.

Thanks to all who were part of our programs and to those who atttended!

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