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July 24, 2013

Streaming Media Magazine Offers Thorough Look at Challenges and Opportunities in Fighting Content Piracy

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Reporter Claudia Kienzle writes a comprehensive piece, "What is the cost of free?" examining efforts to curtail online copyright infringement in the June/July issue of Streaming Media Magazine.

In addition to citing IPI’s copyright piracy study, Kienzle examines the difficulties in containing content piracy, new initiatives to take legal action against offenders, and legislative and voluntary enforcement solutions.

Discussing the Copyright Alert System, Kienzle writes:

"The Copyright Alert System is one example of a new, proactive initiative that enlists the help of ISPs to thwart content piracy. If content owners see their music, movies, TV shows, or other copyrighted works being shared without permission on P2P networks, this system enables them to notify the appropriate ISP of the internet protocol (IP) addresses involved. In turn, the ISP notifies the individuals with that IP address to stop the illegal file sharing. If that warning goes unheeded, the ISPs can take steps that negatively impact that subscriber's internet experience, such as reducing bandwidth or quality of service."

Read her full piece online at Streaming Media Magazine.

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