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November 7, 2012

We have work to do

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I think it's true that the election gives no one a mandate--that it was not a sweeping victory for a particular set of policies. But it's a tough day for those of us who thought the policy deficiencies of the past four years were obvious. Clearly, we have work to do, and lessons to learn.

Our principles are not wrong, or insufficient for today's challenges, but we have clearly not sufficiently persuaded the American people how those principles directly benefit them in their daily lives.

We have to convince the American people that freedom is better for them than Big Government. We have to provide support and analysis for our allies in Congress, and we have to work to strengthen their resolve and to help them navigate some difficult policy problems.

And that's what we do at the Institute for Policy Innovation (IPI)--we educate the American people on the importance of economic growth, freedom and individual responsibility, and we work with elected officials to persuade them to enact the right policies.

I can tell you that, at IPI, today we renew our commitment to doing everything we can to educate and to persuade the American people--that high taxes will discourage economic growth, that exploiting our energy reserves will create jobs and much needed government revenue, and that more and bigger government is NOT the solution to greater economic security for families.

We won't quit. In fact, we will redouble our efforts.

And we appeciate your support of IPI.


Tom Giovanetti
Institute for Policy Innovation (IPI)

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