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Budget and Deficit

JUNE 3, 2014

Should the U.S. Navy Build Biofuel Refineries?

Is the Navy Secretary’s latest green idea yet another instance of wasted taxpayer dollars?

MAY 30, 2014

Government Healthcare: Never Enough Money To Go Around

North Carolina state senators are proposing a major change to address the explosion in health care spending.

MAY 29, 2014

The Sequester May Be Obama's Best Economic Achievement

Doomsday prophets warned the sequester would hurt the economy, but IPI’s Merrill Matthews says it actually may have been President Obama’s best economic policy. 

DECEMBER 19, 2013

Fixing the Doc Fix: Congressman Burgess Joins Merrill Matthews (Audio: Podcast)

Special guest Congressman Michael Burgess joins Merrill Matthews to discuss the repeal of the SGR, how the Obamacare website failure affects him personally, and the GOP alternative to achieving health care reform.

DECEMBER 12, 2013

Ryan's Budget Deal: A Ransom to Prevent Another Government Shutdown? (Audio: Podcast)

What's in the Ryan-Murray budget deal, and did Ryan compromise too soon on abandoning the sequester spending restraints? Did the government shutdown serve as the final indictment and poison the well for Republicans on future budget standoffs? And a look into the growing tensions between the GOP leadership and conservative groups. 

DECEMBER 10, 2013

Deconstructing the Doc Fix (Audio: Interview)

Obamacare could cause such a draconian cut on both Medicare and Medicaid reimbursements that doctors may stop taking new patients from these programs altogether. Merrill Matthews talks with WAVA-FM's Don Kroah. 

NOVEMBER 12, 2013

New ObamaCare Mandate Opens Door for Many More Problems (Audio: Interview)

Merrill Matthews joins KMED's Bill Meyer to discuss the new mental and behavioral health mandate and how it will worsen the sticker shock of insurance policies and increase fraud.

OCTOBER 31, 2013

Spookier Than Fiction: Those Who Coordinated the Obamacare Website Will Coordinate Your Healthcare (Audio: Interview)

Merrill Matthews reviews the Sebelius testimony with KSKY's Mark Davis, pointing out that the administration that coordinated the ObamaCare website will soon coordinate your health care, too. And congratulations! Your share of the national debt is now $1.1 million.

OCTOBER 11, 2013

What's Scarier? The Debt Ceiling or Obama's Pick for Fed Chair? (Audio: Podcast)

As the latest showdown unfolds, should we be worried about the US defaulting on its debt? Treasury Secretary Jack Lew warns if Congress doesn't act, Social Security checks won't be mailed—so what happened to the $2.6 trillion Social Security Trust Fund Democrats have always defended? And why the president's nominee for Federal Reserve chairman may be the real threat to our long-term fiscal health.

OCTOBER 9, 2013

Who's To Blame for the Government Shutdown? (Audio: Interview)

IPI president Tom Giovanetti tells WPR's Joy Cardin while both sides are at fault, Obama is rejecting a golden opportunity to come out as the hero by refusing to negotiate with the GOP.


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