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NOVEMBER 6, 2014

Post-Election Obama Presser: "I Was Stunned" (Audio: Interview)

Merrill Matthews discusses policy priorities for the new Republican Senate and whether the president may be amenable to anything on Congress’s agenda. 

NOVEMBER 6, 2014

Has Texas Been Coasting? (Audio: Interview)

IPI’s Tom Giovanetti joins Mark Davis on KSKY’s 660 AM- The Answer to discuss a new Congress’s policy priorities and whether the President may be amenable to any of their agenda. Plus, what’s next for Denton as lawsuits are piling up as a result of the new drilling ban? And Giovanetti has a surprising message for newly elected Texas governor Greg Abbott. 

NOVEMBER 5, 2014

ObamaCare Working? "The Public Just Doesn’t Believe It"

Republicans triumph at the 2014 polls after campaigning on repealing on Obamacare, so how is it the NY Times recently concluded it’s a success? IPI’s Merrill Matthews gives a post-election analysis with Janet Mefferd and forecasts what the new GOP Congress’s agenda may portend for the failed legislation. 

NOVEMBER 4, 2014

While SCOTUS Skirts Obamacare Case, Polls Now Decide

A disappointing move by the Supreme Court on Obamacare subsidies is bad news for efforts to dismantle the program. So what may Tuesday’s polls yield for the program’s future? Has the legislation progressed too far to turn back? Merrill Matthews joins KMED’s Bill Meyer to discuss.


OCTOBER 28, 2014

SoundByte: Black Voters and Democrats' Failed Policies

One voting bloc should be rethinking their loyalties. 

OCTOBER 22, 2014

If Democrats Lose, They'll Blame Voter ID Laws (Audio: Interview)

Should Democrats take a beating at the polls, they won’t blame Obama’s failed policies. They'll blame voter ID laws. And of the 10 or so closest Senate races, eight are in states with voter ID laws. IPI's Merrill Matthews joins 660 AM The Answer's Mark Davis. 

OCTOBER 17, 2014

Realizing Big Government Cannot Cure Our Ails

The Obama administration’s effort to contain the Ebola crisis has left many Americans more cynical than ever of government. In this podcast, Tom Giovanetti and Merrill Matthews, Ph.D., discuss the administration’s legacy having to defend its agencies against charges and revelations of incompetence and corruption. 

OCTOBER 16, 2014

Kentucky's Senate Race Heats Up

While Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) stays mum on climate change, his opponent is distancing herself from President Obama. 

SEPTEMBER 19, 2014

US Energy Boom Transforming Foreign Policy (Podcast)

With new approval to fight ISIS in the Middle East, many are asking: What has changed in foreign policy and the US energy supply? 

SEPTEMBER 12, 2014

Facts Are Stubborn Things (Audio: Interview)

Merrill Matthews joins Washington DC talk host Don Kroah in the WAVA studios to discuss recent headlines on Obamacare, immigration, the minimum wage, and the race for the White House in 2016.  


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