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Economic Growth

MAY 2, 2013

Working to Restore American Liberty

Candid policy discussion with IPI expert, Merrill Matthews and IPI president, Tom Giovanetti at the 25th Anniversary Celebration: A New Frontier for Liberty.

MAY 2, 2013

IPI: Pushing Back Against Big Government and the Government Class

IPI President Tom Giovanetti's Address at the 25th Anniversary Celebration: A New Frontier for Liberty.


MAY 2, 2013

25th Anniversary Celebration: Senator Ted Cruz Keynote

Senator Ted Cruz

Texas Senator Ted Cruz outlines key initiatives at IPI's 25th Anniversary Celebration.

MAY 2, 2013

The Best Ideas Produce the Best Country

Short promotional video that explains the focus of IPI.

APRIL 25, 2013

2013 World Intellectual Property Day Forum: Promoting Trade, Protecting IP

Laurie Self, James Pooley, Stan McCoy
FEBRUARY 21, 2013

Disaster Looms for Low Income Jobs and Workers (Audio: Interview)

Merrill Matthews joins Mike Huckabee to explain why a minimum wage hike and ObamaCare spell disaster for low income jobs and workers. Click to listen.

JANUARY 25, 2013

The Real Test Comes with the Sequester (Audio: Interview)

Tom Giovanetti explains why the sequester will be the next, and most critical, battleground for the two parties.

JANUARY 7, 2013

Can the Cliff Be Avoided? (Audio: Interview)

Dr. Merrill Matthews discuses last minute options for avoiding the fiscal cliff with guest host Susan Cloud on KSKY's Mark Davis Show.

DECEMBER 13, 2012

How to Cut Spending (Audio: Interview)

Tom Giovanetti tells KSKY's Mark Davis the only way to build political support for spending restraint is with an across-the-board 1 percent cut in spending—all spending.

JULY 6, 2012

"Taxmageddon Cometh" (Audio: Interview)

Dr. Merrill Matthews joins the Mike Huckabee Show to warn how a triple tax increase is in your future. Click here to listen.


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